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Subject: Don't Ask
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 20:22:46 GMTBoot camp was over and Clyde stood with many of the grunts he had just spent
the hardest 8 weeks of his life.
They all joked around as they waited for the bus. Most were going home and all
had their orders to go on to advanced training of some kind.
Quite a few were off to infantry training. Clyde didn't talk about his orders.
As bus after bus rolled up, the group got slower and slower. Clyde waited
until the last bus had come and left, then shouldered his duffle bag and
walked down the road to get a city bus.
His home was far away and frankly there wasn't anyone there who wanted to see
him. And he felt the same.
It had been a rainy night, lots of beer and pot. The cops barged in to find
him and a few of his friends laying underage asians sex around high and drunk, naked and engaged
in sex. That would have been fine with the cops, except everyone in the room
was male.
His parents were mortified. The neighbors looked and whispered to each other.
He didn't even consider going to church or underage boyz naked other places where he usually went.
The town was small and everyone knew about it.
As he and the group stood in a courtoom, their lawyer explained that the beer
and pot had taken away the boys sensse of reason. That they were all the
normal horny, healthy men with no women around and it "just happened".
Unfortunately the judge believed in the state's sodomy laws and threatened to
send all of them where "their kind" would be.But most of the boys were minors, including Clyde. And the judge gave him a
choice of his last year as a minor in juvenile hall or join one of the
military branches.He left home and did exactly that. His father wouldn't talk to him. His mother
seemed to cry continusously and his brothers called him the same names the
cops and others had called him.To his surprise, none of the others caught did exactly what he did. But he
didn't care, he had always planned to leave the town and now he had an even
more important reason.The bus stopped and Clyde stepped down and looked around. The hotel he sought
was a block away. The clerk smiled and chatted insessantly. Clyde didn't mind.
The boy seemed to be flirting.Standing in the small room...fortunately what he could afford, Clyde stripped
naked and put his uniform underage picturs free
away for two weeks. He had planned this since his arrival in California. Every dollar he earned
and what he underage boyz naked had brought with him from his savings account was in his pocket.Dressed in jeans and tee shirt, he went to a bank, opened a checking account
and kept some for himself. He ate a steak meal....looking around and ukranian underage sex enjoying
the privacy, the quiet and the view.Everywhere he looked were civilians in shorts, tank tops, casual clothing.
This was where he wanted to be.Men were all types too. Some muscled, others lean. Some boyish like Clyde and
others very manly with moustaches and some even older Daddy types. Clyde liked
them underage asain sex all..and knew that he could enjoy being with all of them..learning,
sharing, talking, listening and maybe even loving.He slept for hours...deeper and calmer then he had in weeks. There were no
dreams of crawling under barbed wire, listening to yelling sargants, no
scowling judges or crying mothers. He was finally where illegal underage pussy he wanted to be...and
who he knew he was..on his own.The night traffic buzzed by as he walked down the famous boulevard he had read
about. The sign was above him and he entered."You a member?" the face stared at him blankly.Clyde didn't know what to say, so he said the truth. The face that showed no
emtion before smiled widely when he saw the military ID.Clyde undressed putting his civilian clothing in a locker. There wasn't much
since he didn't wear any underwear or socks. Others around him moved here and
there, some looked and one or two smiled or nodded.Clyde carried the towel in front of him...then loosely wraped it around his
firm and well rounded buttocks.Down one hall and then thru underage uncensored rooms he went, exploring until he felt relaxed and
stragely enough at home.Sitting naturist underage pics on a large couch he watched the videos that seemed to keep everyone
entertained.Then he moved back into another room where he discarded his towel to sit with
others in a jacuzzi. Feet touched his...chatter back and forth occurred that
didn't reveal what went on under the water.He moved drying himself off. He nodded in response to a quietly spoken
question and followed the man into a private room where he made love and was
made love to.Laying naked on that bed, he sighed...feeling the large hairy arm around
him...and relunctantly he moved away.A very dark room was full of the sounds he sought and was soon part of as
Clyde and others felt, kissed, licked, probbed and explored.The light wasn't blinding, but it was light. Clyde chuckled at himself for not
realizing how long he had been in the bathhouse. He moved a bit, feeling the
cloth he now wore rub against the skin that had been bared for almost twelve
hours.He was famished and returned to the restaurant where he had been the day
before again eating steak, eggs, and other large volumes of food.It was only the beginning. There was two weeks ahead and then advanced
training at the medical facility nearby....and if he was lucky he would be
stationed there afterwards..and be where he knew he belonged.And where he called home for the rest of his life.
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